Monday, June 05, 2017

A little external motivation

What I saw crossing the road this morning: a deer, three wild turkeys, four box turtles, and a skunk that moved fluidly like a black-and-white wave. Beautiful! But you won't see me giving it a big ol' hug.

The kestrel I spotted did not cross the road but sat on the shoulder looking stunned, the way birds do after they slam into our big picture window. Injured? Maybe: it let me walk right up close before finally flying off. 

In a brief hour of birding between storms, I saw grasshopper sparrows, meadowlarks, brown thrashers, killdeer, turkey vultures, phoebes, and some others I can't recall, and I heard Henslow's sparrows and common yellowthroats. I had just about given up on bobolinks when one popped up on a fencepost right beside the road, almost close enough to touch, but it flew off before I got the camera in hand.

This morning's birding outing was a reward I'd promised myself after painting the small spare room last week, and after birding I came home with a rented carpet cleaner and cleaned all the bedroom carpets, which wore me out. Now I need to move the furniture back where it belongs. Where's my reward for that annoying chore? 


grasshopper sparrow


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