Thursday, October 27, 2016

On the road and out of the classroom

Things I won't be doing while I'm at a conference in Toronto this week:

Teaching my comedy class today (but a highly qualified senior English major will lead the discussion).

Teaching my two freshman writing classes tomorrow (but they're turning in papers and doing library research in my absence).

Teaching my novel class tomorrow (but they're participating in online discussion about White Noise).

Attending a two-hour committee meeting (hurrah!).

Attending the fall choir concert (boo, hiss!  I love that concert).

Cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping.

Things I will be doing that I don't get to do in a normal week:

Enjoying my grandson's coos of delight as I feed him mashed papaya.

Watching my granddaughter jump up and down on a bed with the intensity of someone who believes her bed-jumping skills will save the world.

Watching the Cleveland Indians play World Series games--on television! 

Driving two hours yesterday, five today, and seven on Sunday, through weather that promises to be wet and cool (but not quite snowy), with a Garmin loaded with maps that stop at the Canadian border. (Good thing I know how to read a road atlas!)

Seeing Toronto! (If I can find it.) 

And oh yeah, attending a conference and giving a paper. (Not something I do every day.)


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