Saturday, March 05, 2016

Starting spring break by finishing a project

Two years is a long time to spend redecorating a 10x14 room, but there were complications.
The color scheme was inspired by a painting called "Blue Heron" by one of my colleagues (right), but achieving that scheme was more difficult than you might imagine. I wrote (here!) about my travails at the paint counter and the stumble that left me covered with paint, but painting was just the first step. Other steps took more effort (clearing out the closets, filling the mouse hole, buying curtains and linens and a lamp), but nothing took longer than deciding what to do about the bed: Buy ourselves a new bed and put our old one in the guest room or buy a new but smaller bed for the guest room? Put the old futon in storage or in the other spare room--and then what to do with the twin bed in the other room? We juggled the options for more than a year before I finally took the plunge.

This morning we assembled the nightstand and hung the last two pictures in the guest room, and it's so pretty it makes me want to be a guest in my own house. My colleague's painting, some photos of birds, a new reading lamp and plenty of books join a brand-new bed that's never been slept on. Who wants to try it first?
The finished product

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Bardiac said...

It DOES look inviting!