Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wake me when the exam is over

My honors students are frantically writing their final essay exams but the biggest question on my mind is this: Would they find it disruptive if I were to lay my head down on the desk and fall asleep? Or would my snores disturb their writing?

My computer's battery is running low and so is mine. For weeks I've been practicing a particular presentation in my sleep, but last night I got to perform it for real in front of a living, breathing, wide-awake audience, which was pretty exciting--so exciting, in fact, that I couldn't get my brain to wind down afterward. 

So here I sit proctoring an exam for students who seem determined to make use of every single second of the two and a half hours allotted. I keep trying to send them silent messages: Give it up! Turn it in! Have some mercy so I can get some rest! 

But it's not working. They keep putting everything they have into their writing while I'm putting everything I have into just trying to remain upright. 

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