Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Midweek mutterings

Note to the person driving the green SUV in front of me this morning: I'll bet you could find someone to fix that muffler so you don't blast holes in the eardrums of every random stranger who crosses your path. Then again, maybe the noise fits the lifestyle promoted by your bumper sticker: "Asshole: It's not just a word; it's a lifestyle." 

Note to whoever is responsible for the current weather: New windshield wipers definitely improve my outlook on life (and my ability to see where I'm going through the rain), but could we maybe have a day or two when windshield wipers aren't necessary? I'm not asking for much; just let me see the sun once in a while. (Cue massive drought.)

Note to every student who has e-mailed to ask for extra credit this week: As a rule I don't offer extra credit, but this semester I broke that rule twice. You've had two opportunities to do a little extra work outside of class and earn extra points toward your grade, but you did not take advantage of those opportunities. My best advice? Time machine.

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