Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Prized plumage

White ibises were all over the place.
Oh, to live familiarly with ibises and egrets! 

--But not too familiarly. Last week in Florida I saw a family tossing breadcrumbs to a group of ibises alongside a lake. I doubt that stale crusts of Wonder Bread are suited to birds that generally subsist on a diet of crustaceans.

The fact that I've downloaded and sorted these photos suggests that I'm finally caught up on the work I missed last week. I feel as if I've spent the first half of this week running a marathon but now I can take a moment to sit back and savor some beauty. 

But not alone. You come too!
Great egret

Ibises in flight look prehistoric

Great blue heron

Nesting ospreys

My first limpkin (of many)

Tricolor heron

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radagast said...

Beautiful. Thanks for letting me tag along.