Monday, January 23, 2012


The Wood & Swink General Store in Evinston houses the oldest continuously functioning post office in the state of Florida. In addition to stamps, postcards, and mailing envelopes, you can buy a cold can of Coke, an ice cream bar, beets, beans, and peas; carrots with the dirt still on 'em sitting next to the biggest cabbage I've ever seen; jars of mayhaw jelly, local honey, and hot pickled peppers; dusty jars of patent medicines, shotgun shells, and books, both new and used. Plus more--much more--at the Wood & Swink General Store, where you can stop and sit a spell on an eclectic collection of chairs gathered around a space heater. But you'd better hurry--the U.S. Postal Service is threatening to close down the post office at the Wood & Swink, and then where would you go for your mayhaw jelly?

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