Friday, January 27, 2012

Angelic archivists and other observations

Random observations on visiting college campuses:

  • No how big (or small) the campus, parking is a problem--but the early bird catches the parking space.
  • Cheese-stuffed olives, breaded and deep-fried: so good they're evil.
  • There are wonderful students everywhere, but no students are more wonderful than my students.
  • What do you call a college bookstore that stocks more T-shirts than books?
  • Let's give a big shout-out to academic archivists, guardian angels of special collections and always eager to assist researchers. 
  • To inspire a universal groan from any assemblage of academics, just use the A-word: Assessment.
  • Our popular media may prefer to portray professors as stiff and arrogant, but I don't see it. So many busy professors have taken time to talk to me about their specialties that I don't know how I'll ever thank them all. I just hope that I can be just as gracious to those who need help from me.

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