Monday, April 20, 2009

Grace happens

The weather is bleak and I haven't been getting much sleep and all day long I have been suffering the kind of pain that feels as if it being inflicted by a sadist wielding a ball-peen hammer, and yet: I am happy. I know, it doesn't make any sense to me either.

What do I have to be happy about? Well, yesterday I got all excited about taking photos of buckeye buds (in the rain!) and then this morning I was so eager to get down to the computer lab to run the photos through Photoshop that I arrived there in the dark (in the rain!) while the custodians were still cleaning the room. I mean, they're just photos of buds and leaves! There are not even any people in them! And yet they made me very happy.

It made me happy to open today's mail and see three cards responding to invitations to my daughter's wedding. We haven't even finished mailing all the invitations and already we're hearing daily from people eager to let us know they're planning to attend (or not). I was very happy about the leftover salmon and asparagus for supper and even more happy that I didn't have to cook, and then there was that homemade vanilla ice cream with strawberries, an excellent distraction from the whole ball-peen hammer scenario.

I was delighted earlier today to devote a small chunk of my federal income tax refund toward stimulating the economy of Oregon by ordering a healthy supply of Stash loose teas, including all my favorite varieties to pour over ice when the clouds part and summer finally arrives.

I'm happy that I finally made a dental appointment and finished a book I've been reading and wrote one and a half (out of three) final exams. I'm happy that I had fun playing Boggle with students yesterday and didn't fall asleep in the middle of class today and tried to set an errant student on the path toward redemption (of her grade).

If I set all those things on one side of the scale and, on the other side, set the nasty weather and insomnia and pain, the bad stuff ought to outweigh the good--after all, that ball-peen hammer alone ought to smash the bejeezus out of all the tea in Oregon. And yet I am happy.

My cup runneth over. Care for a drink?

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Logan said...

I think that fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream (especially homemade) can contribute significantly to happiness in general for many people.

I am sorry the rain interfered with Trillium-viewing! I will have to anticipate their blossoming for a future visit someday.