Monday, September 08, 2008

A sea of chiffon

In the midst of all the excitement about my daughter's engagement, it suddenly occurred to me that I might be required sometime next summer to don a horrible pastel chiffon mother-of-the-bride muumuu.

Maybe we'd better rethink this whole wedding thing...

I haven't worn chiffon since my own wedding 25 years ago.

Pastels? Never!

And I refuse to consider anything resembling the long pink gown a relative wore at a family wedding and ever thereafter referred to, not without reason, as "my shroud."

What's wrong with a nice linen sheath dress with matching jacket? How about a dressy suit in natural fibers with a stunning silk blouse? Must I dress like a pile of leftover wedding-gown trimmings?

My daughter says no: she wants me to look sophisticated, which I may be able to pull off with a little help from my friends. The challenge will be wading through the racks of frilly pastel muumuus without drowning in a sea of chiffon. If you see me going down for the third time, toss out a lifeline!


Jessica said...

At my sister's wedding, I believe my mother wore a dark wine/burgundy pantsuit. It was the type where the back of the jacket/top is quite a bit longer (coming down close to the knees) and the front is standard waist length. She looked wonderful, and she liked it because it was rather slimming and she could wear it again later ... nothing frou-frou.

Joy said...

Skip telling anyone you're going for a Mother of the Bride dress. Tell them you're going to something semi-formal related to academics, some kind of induction ceremony (you could even tell them you're being inducted if you want to get gushed over) and an open bar. That conveys the idea of dressy dress, but because of the academics involved it should negate the idea of chiffon. The induction part will ensure it's comfortable to sit in, and open bar = easy to dance in :)

Teri Ann's does a great job with things of that nature : )