Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My brand-new colleague came up with a brilliant plan to solve a problem we've both encountered: people don't always realize that we're being funny. Either my sense of humor is too subtle or some of my students lack functioning sarcasm detectors, but I frequently get comments on my course evaluations complaining that students can't tell when I'm being serious and when I'm not.

"Maybe I should carry around emoticons," I said, and that's when my colleague offered her suggestion: "You could put emoticons on the ends of arrows and keep them in a quiver on your back."

Brilliant! When the situation calls for a smiley face, frowny face, or grimace, just whip the appropriate arrow out of the quiver and hold it up for all to see. Call them Emoti-Arrows. Arrow-ticons? Emoti-Quiver?

I'm ordering one in every color so I'll have a different set for each outfit.

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