Friday, August 22, 2008


My son is still struggling to release himself from the grasp of Tropical Storm Fay (read about it here), but he's making progress. Late last night he called from southern Georgia to let us know he had finally managed to drive the car to another county to get a temporary tag, but then Fay kept dropping rain all over the road so it took him six hours (!) just to get out of Florida, thanks to flooded roads and poor visibility. By the time he got to Georgia, the temporary tag had blown off or dissolved in the rain, which is hardly surprising. The DMV people had insisted that he attach the tag to the license plate area on the outside of the car, despite the fact that heavy rain tends to have a deleterious effect on cardstock. But he has the title and all the temporary tag paperwork with him, so if (when?) he gets pulled over, he'll be able to explain the problem.

The good news is that as he drives north, he will eventually drive out of the storm. He and Fay have had quite a stormy relationship, so we'll all be glad when he finally tells her goodbye.

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