Tuesday, June 17, 2008


A quiet campus feels empty, but all it takes to make colleagues come out of the woodwork is a free lunch. At today's campus cookout I encountered a bunch of people I haven't seen since the middle of May and got caught up on all the news, including a thrilling toad-relocation plan, a proposal for a faculty rap video, and the usual gripes about course evaluations.

"One student commented that I should keep my shirt on in class," explained a colleague, "but I never took my shirt off! Do you think it's a metaphor?"

Close reading of students' comments is too much work for such a lovely day. Instead, I'll quietly celebrate my big news: the Texas kid is finally coming home--with his pilot's license! He ought to be on the road right now, so I can start looking for him late tomorrow. Haven't seen him since January. Here's hoping for good weather and smooth travel as he wends his way along the highways toward home.

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