Friday, June 27, 2008


Blueberries go through a remarkable series of color changes before ripening into deep blue: from pale yellowy cream through various pastel pinks and purples to that velvety blueberry blue you can almost taste with your eyeballs. I picked about a pint of them this morning, but there are plenty more on the way. We planted those bushes two years ago but this is the first time they've produced any fruit--and the berries are luscious enough to be worth the wait.

The raspberry and blackberry bushes are also producing pretty well, and elsewhere the garden is showing tiny green tomatoes and finger-thin incipient zucchini and summer squash. The asparagus has gone to seed and the corn is slow, suffering from a cool, wet spring and a dearth of early sunshine. We'll have red lettuce to pick in the next few days and, as always, plenty of radishes. Radishes ain't pretty, but they're right next to the blueberry patch, which holds the monopoly on pretty right now.

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