Friday, March 28, 2008

Rx for happiness

So I'm griping with a colleague about some of the annoying people we can't seem to avoid when she says, "Sorry I'm so catty...maybe I need to take a nice pill."

And the next thing you know, we notice bright yellow blossoms standing out against the bleak brown deadness of early spring. "Forsythia is blooming!" I say. "There's a nice pill!" We came back smiling.

But is forsythia nice enough to overcome the anguish of spring allergies? Everywhere I go today, someone is sniffling--or coughing or sneezing or reaching for a Kleenex. We've had rain on and off for the past three days, which ought to have washed all the allergens out of the air, but my nose is running and my throat is sore and my head feels crowded. How can something as wonderful as spring make me feel so rotten?

Could I have my forsythia without the pollen, please? That would be just what the doctor ordered.

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