Thursday, March 20, 2008

Play ball!

Work is piling up on my desk and I haven't prepared for tomorrow's classes yet, so what did I do this afternoon?

Walked down to the softball field to watch the first few innings of the home opener.

We're not having particularly good weather for softball: torrential rains have left the spectator area muddy and slick, and high winds kept blasting me in the face. I wasn't wearing the right shoes for walking in mud or the right clothes to keep out the cold wind (although I was grateful to be wearing a faux-wrap skirt and not the non-faux kind). And frankly, I'm not even a tremendous fan of softball. I always enjoyed watching my daughter play, but I would have watched my daughter playing tiddly-winks if she'd taken that up instead. I have a few students on the softball team but none of them are my daughter. So why did I walk out and watch the game?

Because a softball game isn't another student draft, another committee report, or another plea for assistance with an annoying problem. Because any problem that arises during a softball game is not going to fall at my feet. Because softball is something I don't have to think about. I can think later. For now, let's play ball!

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