Friday, May 18, 2007

The invisible library

Just got home from a major campus shindig and I'm trying to decide which part of it I liked best. The sushi bar was great, but then my motto has always been "Never refuse free sushi." The little packets of M&M's imprinted with the name of the college were quite adorable, although I have to wonder who had the tedious job of fitting all those little candies into the typewriter. The little shovel-shaped lapel pins were also a nice touch. The deejay played some pretty good classic rock from the 60s and 70s in honor of the major donors who made the event possible, and the donors kept their speeches mercifully short and sweet. The governor demonstrated his ability to connect to the crowd, and the college president and provost managed to remain elegant and dignified despite the fact that their high heels were sinking into the wet ground while they wielded their shovels with aplomb.

Today about a dozen dignitaries took symbolic stabs at breaking the ground for a building that will be under construction for the next 18 months: the new college library! Soon the real construction workers will arrive, and they won't be wearing high heels or packing sushi in their lunchboxes, but they will do the important work of transforming the invisible library into a real one. That was my favorite part of today's event: the new library. Can't see it just yet, but I know it's coming, and that's better than sushi.


Jessica said...

You had the ground-breaking without me? So sad!

Bev said...

But I'm sure you were there in spirit, hovering over us like the Angel of Preservation.