Thursday, May 24, 2007

How I'll spend my summer vacation

Bardiac got the ball rolling by listing summer goals; now it's my turn to follow suit. What academic projects do I plan to tackle in the next three months?

1. Hire someone (or several someones) to cover four classes in my department in the fall.

2. Write a paper to deliver at a conference in South Carolina in June.

3. Revise and submit the Atlanta essay.

4. Finish research and begin writing the follow-up to last year's big publication.

5. Revise and resubmit the recently rejected article.

6. Write syllabus for fall capstone class.

7. Revise syllabi for composition and postcolonial lit classes.

8. Write departmental assessment report.

9. Attend conference in Washington in July.

10. Write preliminary notes for book proposal with my colleague.

It's a daunting list but I'm excited about getting started. Will I still be able to blog? Only time will tell.

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