Monday, August 29, 2016

More Monday mysteries

Three Laurens in one small class? What was going on 18 years ago to inspire so many parents to name their daughters Lauren?

What is this "brown meatballs on all sides"? A well-formed meatball should not have sides, unless you're talking about inside and outside, and what kind of idiot would try to brown the inside of a meatball?

Who thought it was a great idea to send out an e-mail saying that it was finally safe to turn my computer back on? How am I supposed to read the e-mail while my computer is off? Oh wait--they assume that everyone has a smartphone. Those of us who don't have smartphones will just keep sitting in front of our computers with the power off until the end of time.

Who can imagine a world without Gene Wilder? And how can I possibly revisit all those great roles while waiting for the meatballs to brown and the computer to come back on and the Laurens to explain themselves?  

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