Friday, August 12, 2016

Chomping on lightbulbs

When my son-in-law got home from work this evening, my granddaughter gave him an important message: "Daddy, you have to eat some lightbulbs! They make you light up inside!"

He looked puzzled--and who wouldn't? What kind of person would teach a three-year-old that it's a good idea to eat lightbulbs?

That would be me.

In my defense, we're not talking about real lightbulbs but those tiny yellow lightbulb-shaped tomatoes that are so abundant in our garden right now. They're so bursting with juicy sweetness that they're guaranteed to make you light up, inside and out, as my granddaughter discovered when she started popping them into her mouth like candy. She would have eaten the whole quart if we hadn't insisted on saving a few for Daddy.

Growing tomatoes is like harvesting sunshine, but once you open your mouth and take a bite, there's no turning out the light.  

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