Tuesday, July 19, 2016

On the dangers of trying to think before breakfast

I probably shouldn’t try to interpret the text on my cereal box while I’m still feeling my way around the kitchen, but this morning I was puzzled by the promise of “Less processed nutrition you can see.” Does this mean that the nutrition I can see is less processed or that there is less of the processed nutrition I can see, and what about the nutrition I can’t see? What does nutrition look like anyway? I give up.

And then over breakfast I posted what I thought was a clever little tidbit on Facebook before leaving for an all-day meeting to which I did not take my laptop computer because of an unfortunate incident involving an exploding bottle of Diet Coke inside my tote bag, so I did not even know until many hours later that certain people had interpreted my early-morning tidbit as an invitation to indulge in unfortunate political and geographical stereotyping. Note to self: never post to Facebook before ingesting the full morning quota of caffeine (which, let’s review, ended up distributed unevenly within my tote bag).  

But the good news is that the day-long meeting was highly productive and promises great progress for our struggling campus community. Put a bunch of smart people in a room with a dynamic leader and a clear task and it’s amazing what we can accomplish. Especially if you keep the caffeine flowing. (But not all inside my tote bag.)

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