Friday, July 22, 2016

In search of the elusive yellowthroat

My only decent shot today.
One of these days I'll post a photo of a fencepost and call it "The One that Got Away." I swear there was a bird sitting there a minute ago! 

This morning I stepped up the hill behind our house to see if I could track down the common yellowthroats that have been witchety-witchety-witchetying away up there all summer, but those little yellow birds have a very clear sense of personal space. I walk around the low bushy trees where I hear them chip and they hop to the other side; I glide silently toward the other side and they plunge deep within the thick foliage. 

I move slowly, one eye on the birds and one on the ground, scanning for poison ivy, and suddenly a bright yellow bird shows itself clearly at the end of a prominent branch--with the sun shining right behind it so all I get is a dark silhouette. Or it hops to the top of a fencepost but zips away the minute I raise the camera. Or it shows itself behind a branch and I get a photo with a leaf obscuring the bird's head. 

I keep reminding myself that the hunt is more important than the result, but wouldn't it be great to have my persistence rewarded with a clear shot of this lovely little bird? I've got sweat dripping into my eyes and poison ivy around my feet and I'd really like to have something concrete to show for my efforts.

Glide again. Slide to the side. Listen for the chip. Glory in the witchety. Maybe someday I'll get something more than an empty fencepost.

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Bardiac said...

That's a more than decent shot! Those little warblery birds don't sit still very helpfully!