Wednesday, June 08, 2016

We have liftoff!

It took us a while to get the kite off the ground this morning, and then it kept doing loop-de-loops in the sky before nosediving back to earth. My husband decided that the kite needed more weight to provide stability in gusty winds, so he tied his cell-phone case to the kite's tail and then let it loose. You should have seen that kite rise straight up into the sky! Little E let out all the line and then had to hold tight so the kite wouldn't take her into orbit.

I felt my heart achieve liftoff later in the day when we took little E to the hospital to welcome her baby brother to the world. He took his sweet time arriving--41 weeks and many hours of labor--but he finally arrived with a healthy howl and a growing-boy appetite. When he wailed, little E looked alarmed and said "I don't know how to help him!" How long before that wail becomes another joyful note in the background music of our lives?


Bardiac said...

Welcome, little one!

Contingent Cassandra said...

Congratulations to all involved! I hope E enjoys big-sistering (I think I found it a mixed bag at her age, when I embarked on the project, but have found it rewarding long-term).

By the way, make sure to check out today's google doodle if/when you get a chance. I'd never heard of Phoebe Snetsinger (though that seems like a good name for a birder); she sounds like an interesting person.

radagast said...

Congratulations! Many happy hours to you and your grandkids.