Saturday, June 11, 2016

Baby steps

I've put the books aside this week to spend time studying my grandson's face, which is very expressive. If only he had words to explain those little grimaces and grins! His face is a little wider than his big sister's but he has deep blue eyes like hers along with my husband's cleft chin and my dark hair, which shows incipient signs of curl. The long piano-player fingers are common on both sides of the family but at the moment he makes music by inspiring everyone around him to say Awwwwww.

Little E was excited to help get the house ready for baby brother's homecoming yesterday, and even more excited to have Mommy and Daddy back home too. Grandma is fun, but Daddy helps her bake cookies and Mommy gives the best hugs. Little E is definitely the most energetic person in the room, probably because she's the only one in the house getting a good night's sleep.

Today's goal is to get baby outside for a little while, maybe take a walk at a nearby park. My daughter is still pretty sore and weak, but a gentle walk with plenty of places to stop and rest would do her some good. Baby steps! That's the best we can do right now, but it's enough.


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