Friday, February 12, 2016

Situation normal, if by "normal" you mean utterly impossible

Because I've worked three 14-hour days on campus this week,

and because I had so many back-to-back meetings yesterday that I got dehydrated from lack of a spare minute to take a drink,

and because I've attended seven meetings this week,

and because those seven meetings will seem like a very light load next week when I have either 12 or 13 meetings, depending on whether I can weasel my way out of one of them,

and because I have one set of drafts to read today and a set of papers to grade this weekend and two exams next week,

and because my inbox is bristling with righteous indignation over a minor snafu that is Totally Not My Fault,

and because I feel cold and tired and fat and cranky,

here is a picture of a wood stork.

I'm practicing that look. It will come in handy if anyone asks me to do anything outside my normal duties any time soon.


Contingent Cassandra said...

An excellent look to have in one's repertoire. Hope you are able to ignore/forget/wiggle out of at least a few of the meetings next week.

Rebecca said...

I will now be working on channeling my Inner Wood Stork.

Bev said...

Great! We could put together a Synchronized Wood-Stork Team and show that expression all over the place. What a wonderful world it would be...