Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Not quite a snow day

"All of my other classes are cancelled today," says a student in my morning class, and another nods--"Mine too." I hear the accusation in their voices: if other professors can cancel classes, why can't you?

I consider several answers:

Because we have some really cool stuff coming up and we can't afford to fall behind on our work. (True but unsatisfying for students who had to get up and moving while their roommates stayed in their nice warm comfy beds.)

Because the College has not officially cancelled classes so I feel compelled to give you your money's worth. (Only partly true--I could easily have justified cancelling classes today if my intrepid husband hadn't shamed me with the "In my day we walked to school in twelve feet of snow" schtick. And let the record show that his job was cancelled today so he's staying in the nice warm house while I'm out sliding all over the highway.)

Because if I have to be here, everyone has to be here. (Heartless and untrue--I freely excuse any commuting student who does not want to drive on the roads today. My class may be important, but it's not worth dying over.)

In the end I settle for commending their diligence and putting them to work. Now my big concern is how much more snow will fall before I can leave today. I put a change of clothes in the trunk of my car in case I can't get home, but I'd rather leave campus before the snow gets too deep. 

Hey, maybe my afternoon meeting will be cancelled! All my other meetings are cancelled today--why not this one?

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