Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ho ho ho hum

My house smells like gingerbread and roasting pork and the peppermint extract I spilled making fudge, but where have all the juncos gone? Where's the winter cold and snow? Yesterday I drove through a cloudburst so intense that cars were pulling off the interstate due to poor visibility, and today I see green grass and gray sky and temperatures so warm my rhododendrons are setting buds. That's just wrong. On the other hand, if all that rain yesterday had been snow, no one would have been driving anywhere.

I was on the interstate because I needed to exchange a sweater I'd received as a birthday gift and the nearest Macy's store is a 150-mile round trip, but the trip didn't hurt so badly after I'd paid 95 cents per gallon for gas (with a dollar-off-per-gallon coupon) and then exchanged one lovely sweater (not my size) for two sweaters for me, an outfit for my granddaughter, and a pair of socks. I didn't really need the socks but I don't intend to make that trip again any time soon so I was determined to spend every penny of the store credit I received for the sweater, but they were having such great sales that I ended up with seven dollars left over. What can you buy in Macy's for seven dollars? Hence, new socks.

The fact that I have nothing of any interest to write about aside from unseasonably warm weather and new socks suggests that the pace of life has slowed significantly. Yes: my grades are all turned in and I've finished my spring semester syllabi and I'm on my way to boring myself to sleep. Good thing I have an assessment meeting all day tomorrow and jury duty on Thursday! Otherwise I'd have nothing to do but sit here and look out the window and write about nothing of any interest to anyone. Not a bad way to start my winter break!


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