Thursday, September 10, 2015

When vegetables attack!

I look over the mass of vegetables colonizing my kitchen and I think,What I need is a harvest festival. Yes: a house full of people chowing down on the spaghetti squash, watermelon, pumpkin, and peppers crowding me out of house and home.

The potato bin is full and the spuds won't quit. The sweet potato patch looks healthy but we won't know how abundant the harvest will be until we figure out how to dig out the tubers without disturbing the hornets guarding their territory. (Current score: Hornets 4,  Gardener 0.)

Squash! Don't get me started. Usually parasites destroy the zucchini and summer squash vines long before the beginning of August, but we're harvesting lovely yellow squashes in September and they just won't quit.

Corn is done and beans are done and the carrots wimped out ages ago, but we're still picking tomatoes nearly every day. The other day I had a slice of tomato that covered half my dinner plate, and tasty! I could have made a meal out of that one tomato.

Pumpkins! We have half a dozen, which doesn't sound like much until you see the size of 'em. Any one of those pumpkins could keep me in pumpkin pie from now until Doomsday, not to mention pumpkin loaf and pumpkin soup and pumpkin decorations for the front porch.

I'm tired of carrying bags of vegetables to work with me and pushing them on unsuspecting colleagues. They see me coming with my bag of zucchinis and they duck around the corner or hide in their offices and pretend no one's home. My freezer won't hold any more zucchini bread. Won't somebody take them off my hands?

In the bleak midwinter I'll look back on this time and long for the taste of a freshly-picked tomato or the bright colors of brussels sprouts, chilis, and squash, but today I'm laden with more vegetables than I can handle and I wish someone would take a few off my hands. Hungry? Come and get it! 

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JaneB said...

How I wish I could! But shipping all your lovely produce to the UK would not be viable...