Saturday, September 05, 2015

Oh, the places we'll go!

I don't want to suggest that my personal happiness is dependent upon a fancy-shmantsy bit of electronic equipment, but my brand-new camera has already brought me great joy. It arrived here on Wednesday during a very busy week, so I barely had time to find the "on" button before I had to figure out how to find the right settings for taking creek-stomping photos of my granddaughter and then find the flash for inside shots. 

Now that my house is empty again, I've been spending more time with the instruction book and running the camera through its paces. It offers cool options that I'll never use unless I can find the right button without the book, so that's what I worked on: take the photo on one setting and then another until I could switch back and forth without too much thought. 

After a good trek up the hill and down to the garden, I sat on the bench out front and tried out the zoom lens on the few remaining hummingbirds. Earlier in the summer it was not unusual to see six or eight hummingbirds hovering around a feeder, but they've thinned out considerably. Still, I saw enough to inspire a bunch of shots at different settings--and then I went inside to try out my new photo-editing software. 

The results were decent and they'll get better with time as I figure out all the wonderful things my new camera and I can do. A new adventure! Come along for the ride!


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