Friday, October 10, 2014

Turning up the heat

Here's a quiz for all the husbands out there, or maybe I should say all the spouses or anyone sharing living quarters with a dearly beloved human being (animals not included):

When your beloved complains that it's really cold in the house, which response is acceptable?
a. "You're cold? I'll start a fire in the fireplace--and here, let me bring you some hot herbal tea."
b. "I'll bet we could find a way to warm each other up!"
c. "I'm not cold."
d. "Why don't you iron some shirts? That'll warm you up!"

I'm here to tell you that ironing shirts does indeed warm me up, but maybe not in the way my loving spouse intended. To be fair, he was out in the cold changing the oil in my car while I ironed--and he did start a fire in the fireplace--but it's useful to remember that the practical solution is not always the one most likely to promote marital harmony.

Let's face it: it's not easy being linked for life with someone whose internal thermostat runs counter to my own. If I'm comfortable, he's sweating; if he's comfortable, I'm buried under sweaters and blankets and thick wool socks, or else I'm finding alternative methods to stay warm:

Chop some veggies,
clean some rugs,
fold some laundry,
share some hugs.
Drink hot cocoa,
dim the lights,
burrow in blankets
and snuggle tight.

(Or if all else fails, I can always get caught up on the ironing.)

Any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Knowing you and your beloved, this was entertaining to read. Good thing you've escaped our cellar in T. Hall.

Bev said...

Good thing I keep a blanket in my office! When are they planning to turn on the heat? I don't have room for an ironing board in my office!