Monday, October 27, 2014

Ooh big! Big weekend!

Big pumpkins!
If I played a recording of every word my granddaughter said over the weekend, you'd have a pretty good idea of how much fun we had: 

Read books! 

Ooh big! Big book!
Rocks! Ooh big!  Big rocks!

Pumpkin! Big pumpkin! 

Bounce bounce bounce! 



Up up up!

Eat eat eat! 

Bounce bounce bounce!


The bouncing and book-reading occurred on the couch but the kicking was an outdoor activity involving a huge pile of dry leaves. We hunted for pumpkins at a local farm and wandered through the corn maze, and we ate ate ate some great stuff. I always laugh a lot more when the little imp is present, which makes me wish I could take her to a few of my classes, where my students sit silent and unresponsive. 

Maybe I need to take my students out to jump in a pile of leaves....

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