Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Powering down, temporarily

This morning as I brushed my teeth I kept marveling over the presence of water. What a wonderful thing to turn a handle and suddenly find clean, fresh, cold water pouring into the sink. Amazing--especially if you've ever had to do without.

It was just a little power outage, only around 300 houses affected in what the local media like to call a "remote pocket of the county." We happen to live in that remote pocket and our house is all electric, including the well pump, so when the power goes out, we're good for about two good flushes and then it's all gone--water, light, air conditioning, the ability to cook, everything.

But it really wasn't so bad. I didn't get any school work done, but who's complaining? And we had harvested eggplants over the weekend and made baba ganoush, and my adorable husband had made two big loaves of ciabatta bread in the morning, and of course we had an abundance of fresh tomatoes and cantaloup from the garden, so we weren't exactly suffering.

It gets very dark and very quiet at my house with the power out, but the Kindle battery was freshly charged so we played our favorite word game until we got too tired to think. And then we went to bed and slept soundly in the quiet darkness until midnight, when the power suddenly came back on and turned on lights all over the house.

And water! Two years ago when the infamous derecho turned off power to our house for a week (read it here and here), we started talking about the necessity of buying a generator, but of course at the time every store within 100 miles sold out of generators before we could dig up the funds. Since then we've looked at generators and talked about generators and debated the finer points of generators, but what we have not managed to do is buy a generator. Maybe it's time to revisit the issue. Take it off the back burner. Make a decision.

Or maybe we'll just sit in the quiet and the dark and eat homemade bread and baba ganoush while playing word games. If only every power outage were this harmless!

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penn said...

Rather than buy a generator, I would just make sure I was always stocked with enough backup water for a few days. Cheaper, and you still get to enjoy the nice silence.