Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Endings and beginnings

The semester is over. My sabbatical is over. The visit from the parents is so very over. But look at everything that's about to begin:

My summer online class begins in two weeks so I've been updating material from last summer's class and giving myself the occasional pat on the back. I had forgotten how hard I worked last May to produce a class full of really cool stuff. A few updates and it'll be ready to run.

Two new freshman classes in the fall...and I've already started meeting with my learning community partners to brainstorm ideas for cooperative learning. I don't have much on paper yet, but I've planted ideas in my brain and now it's time to let them germinate.

And speaking of germinating, the constant rain finally stopped long enough to allow us to start planting the gardens. Herbs are in, and I found a surprise in the herb garden: plenty of cilantro ready to cut. Apparently last year's pathetic cilantro plant reseeded itself. Maybe tonight we'll get the rest of the tomato plants in the ground.

Great clouds of yellow pollen keep billowing down from our upper woods, coating everything with a fine yellow dust. The other day I carried a cup of tea out onto the deck but before I'd walked three feet, my tea was topped by a coating of pollen. I sneeze every time I walk outside the house, but that won't keep me indoors. This morning I'm off for a bird-watching and botanizing walk with my biologist colleague, one last moment of fun before the real work begins.

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