Monday, April 09, 2012

Make way for woodpeckers

I startled a pileated woodpecker this morning, or I guess we startled each other. I was looking for geese and great blue herons at a local wetland so I had water birds on my mind while beating through the woods, and then suddenly this pileated woodpecker was pounding on a tree right in front of me. I managed to get only one shot before it flew off.  It kept taunting me by chattering in the woods nearby, but I never got another clear view. Still, I've never been this close to a pileated woodpecker before, so who's complaining?  

Great blue heron

A family of Canada geese


Andrea said...

Congratulations on your woodpecker photo! What a trophy!

Bev said...

Thanks! You know the ivory-billed woodpecker was casually referred to as the Lord God Bird because of the exclamations it inspired among those fortunate enough to see it. The pileated woodpecker has a similar effect.