Monday, June 05, 2023

Season of green

Strange spring so far: first cold and wet, then very hot and dry, and now just right, except we could use some rain. The garden looks great but we haven't had any significant rain in the past two weeks and watering by hand gets tiresome. Some woodland creature ate all the leaves off the purple basil, but this morning I see some new foliage coming up. Otherwise, everything is beautifully green.

For the past two years we've avoided mowing a section of the lower meadow, hoping to encourage a pollinator habitat. Last year it just looked scruffy but this year it's taking shape.  mostly tall grass and clover right now, but I see some asters and ironweed coming up. Later I'll try to establish some milkweed and bee balm down there and see what happens. It's an experiment. Nothing much at stake unless you're a butterfly.



Magnolia blossom

Redbud is pretty even when not in bloom

Potential pollinator habitat

Dandelion clock


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