Tuesday, May 02, 2017

A noisy house is a happy house

Six a.m. on a day when I don't have to give any finals and I haven't ingested my quota of caffeine yet so I'm still feeling my way around trying to figure out what's going on in the world. The only sounds come from the earliest birds tuning up their morning songs--their warbles and whistles and tweets--plus a fluty little warbling from the spare room: my granddaughter singing "Amazing Grace." Like her mother, she wakes up singing.

And that's not the only wonderful sound we've heard in the past couple of days. Yesterday we heard her laughter and her brother's when we went down the meadow to fly an octopus-shaped kite, her joy at finding puddles to jump in, his delight in searching for treasure inside Grampa's mouth. 

She tells me that she's big enough now to enjoy spicy foods, and when she spills a little something on the kitchen floor, she runs for a dish towel and says "Water on wood is not good!" He finds a little thing to put inside a big thing and shakes the whole thing around to hear it clatter and then flings it across the floor.

It's true that we've had to hear some less pleasant noises in the past couple of days. Someone had a nightmare and started screaming in the wee hours. Someone woke up cranky and needing to be fed. Someone got a boo-boo and shrieked her pain until Grampa applied some soothing ointment. Those are the sounds we expect when we suddenly have little people in the house.

But nothing is better than hearing my grandchildren shriek with laughter, or hearing that tiny voice waking up singing. What did I ever do to deserve such grace?

Gathering up the kite tail

I know there's something in there!

Beware the flying octopus

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Bardiac said...

What fun! Beautiful grandkids, too!