Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How I know I'm home

Wild turkeys gabbling loudly on the hillside in the mornings.

Hummingbirds buzzing the feeders all day long and wood thrushes calling from their hiding places in the woods--but no sign of the blue-gray gnatcatchers' nest.

Cicadas emerging from the soil, molting, and starting their summer racket in the treetops, members of the massive 17-year emergence that will soon fill the woods with a sound like hungry chainsaws.

Rhododendrons we planted as bare sticks a decade ago producing masses of showy flowers today.

Columbine blossoms in the front garden nodding next to wild daisies and dandelions.

A kind neighbor tilling up our garden, and all those leggy tomato and pepper plants making their way out of the greenhouse and into the ground.

A yard that needs mowing and, afterward, sweet corn waiting in the kitchen and the Cleveland Indians on the radio.

Feels like home.


Laura said...

That makes me want to visit.

Bev said...

Something tells me I'll be visiting your house before you visit mine. Not that there's anything wrong with that!