Friday, April 01, 2016

On the selfie stick as a research tool

When I asked to see his sources, a student e-mailed me a page of Google results--no, he didn't send the links, but he used his smartphone to take a photo of the page of results and he sent me the photo. Is this the future of research papers?

Learning objective: This project will equip students to document that they have mastered the process of pursuing a research question and communicating the results.

Measurable learning outcomes: Students will produce an electronic portfolio documenting the research process. The portfolio will include, at mininum, each of the following artifacts:

1. Photograph of student sitting at desk, thinking up a meaningful research question.   

2. Photograph of "Ah-ha!" moment.

3. Photograph of student typing search terms into Google.

4. Photograph of page of Google results.

5. Photograph of student checking out library book and/or "reading" e-book.

6. Photograph of student taking notes (by hand or by cut-and-paste).

7. Photograph of student pumping in the Energy drinks during an all-nighter.

8. Photograph of draft of paper in process on computer screen.

9. Photograph of student reading and commenting on other students' drafts.

10. Photograph of student revising draft.

11. Photograph of student submitting finished paper to the online drop-box.

12. Photograph of student looking appreciably smarter than he did at the beginning of the process.

Evaluation: Portfolio will be evaluated based on clarity, color quality, and composition of photographs. Points will be deducted for blurred shots, unless they are intentionally blurred for aesthetic effect. Documents in photographs need not be readable as long as the photo conveys the earnestness of the attempt to appear to do research and communicate results.

Originality: All photographs must be original work created for this class. Students who include stock photos must also include a photograph appearing to show an attempt to track down appropriate citations.


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