Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Midsummer (un)sunshine

Tastes of summer: Freshly grilled bratwurst with homemade relish, tomatoes straight off the vine, a peach so fresh and ripe that I eat it standing over the sink while the juice runs down my chin--yum!

So what if it's raining every day and wind is knocking debris all over the deck and grilling is out of the question--we'll take our picnic indoors. 

So what if cool, damp nights have slowed the growth of tomato plants and increased the chance of blight--the first taste of a fresh garden tomato offers hope of fresh garden goodness yet to come.
So what if we haven't seen the sun for two solid weeks--there's enough summer sunshine packed in one fresh peach to carry us through the damp gloomy days until the sun comes back. 

(It is coming back, right? Right?)


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Contingent Cassandra said...

I certainly hope so. Approximately 1/2 of my community garden plot is under water, or would be if I hadn't spent the last few weeks transporting leaf mulch from the free pile in a different park and dumping it into the wet spots, to try to at least eliminate standing water. This approach is pretty effective in making things *look* dry(er); witness the huge new ditch/hole just outside the fence, where the mowers apparently got stuck when they ventured onto actually-way-too-wet-for-driving ground.

Yes, it's time for the rain to stop, or at least take a break of a week or so. Drought is certainly bad, too, but this is getting ridiculous. Even the greens, which should be happy, aren't.