Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kentucky fried

On my last full day in Louisville I walked upriver in search of chickens--and found them! Yes: the chickens have come home to roost! Along with the geese, ducks, flamingos, and guineas.

Last year I wrote about my failed quest to introduce a new acquaintance to the Flock of Finns, my favorite spot in Louisville, only to discover that the colorful steel folk-art birds had been shipped to Oberlin, Ohio for repairs and repainting (read it here). They're back now, brighter and cheerier than ever, although they looked pretty hot out there in the sweltering summer heat. (Broilers or fryers?)

I know my brain is pretty fried after six full days of reading student essays. At some point tomorrow the final essays will be read and we will be officially released from the big ol' reading room, at which point this Kentucky fried reader is going home to roost just as quickly as my wings--er, wheels--can take me there.


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