Friday, May 01, 2015

A new line on my vita

Here I sit not eating cupcakes, which is difficult considering the plague of colorful cupcakes infesting campus right now. With so many retirement parties, book publication parties, going-away parties, and other types of parties, avoiding cupcakes has become a full-time job. 

While trying to avoid the cupcake table at a colleague's retirement party just now, I asked him to leave behind something when he moves out of his office: His streak of good luck. "We need it more than you do," I pointed out. He promised that he will do what he can and then pointed me toward the cupcakes.

Someone left several dozen cupcakes in the department office, leftovers from some student event. I have two more food-related events to attend today; if I start eating cupcakes this early in the day, I'll be comatose by midafternoon. So this is me auditioning for the role of Cupcake-Avoider In Chief.

Won't that look good on my vita?!  

1 comment:

Contingent Cassandra said...

Maybe you need to come up with a recipe for ramp cupcakes, and hide the occasional sample among the more conventional ones? That might make everyone a cupcake-avoider.

I think cupcakes' 15 minutes of fame is almost over. But who knows what will come next.