Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This weather is for the birds

Thick mist rising from the river frosts limbs of trees and makes them sparkle in the morning light. On days like these my morning commute would be a lovely winter drive if it weren't so doggone treacherous.

I delayed leaving the house as long as I could this morning, hoping in vain to see a snowplow on my road. When I finally left I had to follow a single set of tire marks breaking through the snow, paying no attention to proper lanes but simply following what appeared to be the road. The state highway was more visible but still slippery, but the river--I wish I could tell you how beautiful my river looks on a cold morning when golden sunshine touches the icy silver water.

I swung around by the dam to see if any eagles were out but didn't see any and didn't get out to take photos because of the cold. I realize that others have it worse--at least traffic is still moving here! But getting out of the car when the temperature reads six below zero is not my idea of a good time.

Yesterday a flock of cardinals frequented our bird feeders, with as many as a dozen at a time crowding the feeding station and more waiting on the limbs of the nearby maple tree. I suppose the snow has made their usual sources of food less available, and while I'm happy to see brightening up our winter landscape, I'm not going outside to join them. Why brave the cold when I can watch them comfortably from inside my nice warm house?

Now if only I could get my students to agree to have class at my house....

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