Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Semester half full?

It was the best of semesters--full stop. I'm trying not to think of the second half of the sentence, but unfortunately, every wonderful thing about this semester is inexorably linked to a dark shadow.

I have a course release for research so I'm teaching only three classes--but that means I have to diligently work on that research project, which has a real and unbreakable deadline.

I'm teaching only three classes, but somehow I ended up with three horrible classrooms: two interior rooms with ugly pink plastic desks, mud-colored walls, and no windows, and one large sunny room housing the crankiest computer setup in the building.

My largest class has only 17 students, 11 of them women--but they all appear to be the same woman. Why can't a few of them dye their hair pink or something? I'll never learn to tell them apart!

I've given up requiring online reading responses because I got sick of spending so much time tracking down cheating, but I've replaced them with unannounced in-class reading responses--pop quizzes, in other words. I'm dropping the lowest two quiz grades so I don't have to allow make-ups, but I'll still be fielding plenty of excuses, requests for make-up quizzes, and complaints.

But let's not think about all that. Let's just focus on the best of semesters: only three classes! Two of them fairly small! All focusing on literature I love! What could possibly go wrong?  

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