Friday, March 23, 2012

News of the world

This morning I saw the first trilliums of the season. Also Dutchman's Breeches. Also kingfishers, which come out of hiding only when I'm not carrying a camera. (My question: how do they know?)

I walked out early and found the road near the creek dotted with dead frogs plus, for variety, a dead spider big enough to qualify as roadkill. Also a spotted slug the size of Schenectady. Experts predict a banner year for all the creepy-crawlies, thanks to a warm, wet winter and early spring.

And speaking of creepy-crawlies: what's spotted like a brown spotted slug but much skinnier and moves like a tiny snake? Don't know? Neither do I, but whatever it was, it was crawling across my road toward the creek. Some sort of legless lizard or a tiny baby snake of a species I don't recognize? Just when I think I've figured out what sorts of creatures share my environment, along comes something I've never seen before.

Next time I'm taking the camera. But don't bother warning the kingfishers because I'm sure they already know.

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